Tenancy Induction – Signing Your Lease

To ensure you have the right expectations regarding the start of your tenancy and the induction process, we ask you to observe the following important points:

  1. Keeping Your Appointment Time – The time you have been allocated for your tenancy induction has been specifically allocated amongst our other appointments, which are usually ‘back-to-back’.  This means it is crucial you are on time for the appointment because if you are late, our induction time may have to be allocated several hours later until the next complete time slot is available.
  2. Appointment Time Allocation – As we need to explain all your tenancy details thoroughly, please allocate up to 45 minutes for your tenancy induction.
  3. All Persons To Be Present – All tenants approved on the application will need to be present (people who will be legally responsible and signing the lease).
  4. No Cash Policy – We have a no cash policy.  Therefore could you please supply us with a Bank Cheque or Australia Post Money Order.  We regret we are unable to accept personal or company cheque and due to security reasons we are unable to accept cash.

During the Tenancy Induction Newcastle Property Management Will Go Through The Following With You:

  1. Tenancy Agreement – The Specific details of your tenancy with us.
  2. Payment of Rent – How we would like you to pay your rent.
  3. Zero Tolerance Late Rent Policy – We will explain our Zero tolerance policy to late rent payments.
  4. Bond Lodgement – Sign the lodgement form that will accompany the lodgement of your bond with our State bond authority
  5. Property Condition Report – We will explain what you need to do with your property condition report.
  6. Repairs and Emergency Repair – Our procedure will be explained.
  7. Compulsory Legislation Information Guide – will be issued to you.
  8. Any Other Important Matters
  9. Monies Receipted – At this appointment we will issue you with a receipt for your payment of any rent, unless already receipted beforehand.

After all of this is completed, you will be given access to the property by providing you with the property keys.