Tenant Selection

Newcastle Property Management pride ourselves on our reputation and referral base business.  Therefore, we have designed a strict tenant interview and application process.

It is our office policy that every prospective tenant is accompanied to a property with a member of our Property Management Department.  Under no circumstances will we issue keys to your vacant investment property.  During the property inspection with the prospective tenant, our staff member attending the appointment conducts an interview to assess their suitability for renting a property.

Once our application is received, we thoroughly check their 100 points of ID along with confirming employment details.  If the applicant has a rental history, we contact their previous manager or landlord to discuss their tenancy along with obtaining a copy of the rental payment ledger.

Newcastle Property Management is also a member of Tenancies Information Centre of Australia (TICA) a comprehensive database of defaulting tenants.  This database is an imperative tool when it comes to selecting a tenant.

Prospective tenants are checked by our Property Manager before being run past the Landlord who have the final decision.