How to keep a positive relationship with your tenants

As a landlord, you need to maintain a good relationship with your tenant. As well as making both your lives easier, it will also encourage your tenants to stay longer because they are happy with where they live.

Plus, a good relationship will contribute to your tenants caring for your property and treating it as their home.

While the lease agreement sets out both sides of the duties and obligations, a good landlord/tenant relationship often goes beyond what is on the lease.

And we’re not necessarily talking monetary value.

For instance, there needs to be mutual respect – after all your tenant is paying you! If you don’t respect this, then you will lose their respect. Your tenant’s ‘care factor’ will decrease, leading to lack of respect for you and for your property and possibly late rent or worse.

Here are some more tips to help keep your on the right track for a good working relationship with your tenants:

Good communication

In our experience, good communication is a major factor in keep a relationship positive. Responding quickly and politely to requests or queries, and resolving issues timely and amicably will avoid angry phone messages or emails and will keep the relationship positive.

Letting your tenant know in good time your plans, such as when trades people are coming round to do work, is also important. This not only keeps you on the right side of the law, but also shows respect for your tenants’ home.

Building trust

Has someone ever said to you they’re going to do something, and then they don’t? Irritating isn’t it? Furthermore, you tend to lose trust in that person if they haven’t given you an adequate reason for them not doing the job.

The same goes for when your tenant asks something of you. Whether it is replacing the washing machine or mending a broken lock on the window, if you tell your tenant you’re going to do something, then keep your word and do it.

If there is a delay for any reason, make sure you communicate this to your tenant and your reasons why it can’t be done.

Once trust is broken in a relationship, it can be difficult to get back and situations can drag on endlessly.

Accidents do happen

We all have accidents, tenants included! If there is an accidental breakage, give them a chance to redeem themselves by offering to pay for the damage.

Be flexible

Needs and wants do change. For instance, a tenant may request to keep a pet, and offer to increase their rent to cover any additional wear and tear on the property.

If good tenants are requesting a repair or change in the Lease, it may be worth being a bit flexible in your negotiations in order to keep the relationship positive – and for them to renew their Lease!

Use an agent

One way to avoid a soured relationship is to use an agent. As an independent body, using an agent gives a buffer between you and the tenant. Plus many expenses are tax deductible.

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