6 secret ways to finding good, long-term tenants

We are often asked, how do we find good, long-term tenants’? Like everything, there is no one easy answer and there are several factors that come into play.

Yes, as a property manager, we do have access to screening tools such as employment verification, contacting previous landlords, and using a tenant database to ensure you get a good, reliable tenant, but the property itself plays a part in attracting good tenants.

Tenants, like property owners generally have a tick list of what they want when they’re looking for places to rent.

Here are six of them:

Proximity to amenities

Generally, access to public transport and/or highways, and nearby amenities such as shops and entertainment are high on people’s list. If it’s a family looking for a place to rent, they’ll also be considering which schools are in the area and what readily available facilities there are for children.

Fair price

No one wants to feel they are paying over the odds at the best of times, so be realistic with what you can expect as a rental income. When it comes to rent rises, be reasonable. It may be worth having a minimal rent rise, or not at all if you’ve got a good tenant in; it’s better you keep the house occupied with caring tenants than the property sat empty as you try to find new ones.

Comfortable living

While you are not living in your property, it is someone’s home, so properly asses what it will be like to live there. For instance, consider installing ceiling fans and/or air conditioning. Installing a security light can give added peace of mind to tenants, especially families or people living on their own.

Keep on top of maintenance

If something is broken, fix it. It’s as simple as that. Tenants appreciate repairs such as a broken A/C cannot happen immediately, but they do appreciate repairs being done in a timely manner; living with a blocked drain for several months is not acceptable in most people’s books.

Allow furry friends

If your property allows it, it might be worth considering allowing tenants to have a pet. Properties that allow pets are often in short supply. We manage properties with fantastic tenants who keep the property immaculate and have stayed for years because they can keep their pet there.

Good communications

Tenants want a property manager and/or landlord who listens to requests, actions them and communicates future plans.

Having a good relationship with your tenant works both ways. In our experience, if you treat your tenants fairly, they will not only care for your property and stay longer, but they will be more amenable to interruptions to their living, such as when essential maintenance needs to be done.

Managing your own property can be time consuming, inconvenient and hard work. If you’d like to know more about how our property management services can help, our talented and experienced team would love to share its knowledge with you.

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